Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dinsmores in Berlin

My friends Katie, Roddy and their two boys are moving to Berlin this year.

Pray for them. Follow them www.dinsmoresinberlin.wordpress.com . You can even support them (details on their blog).

Praying for you guys and super excited about what God is going to do in Berlin!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

under the tree

look at my sweet 4 month old under the tree! best christmas present this year!

who needs baby toys? a tree provides hours of entertainment :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

short and sweet

yesterday andrew turned 2 weeks. he is a great baby. sleeps good and eats great!

1 week old

2 weeks old

i love him and i'm pretty sure he loves me!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Welcome to our world!

I am excited to introduce to you my sweet son, Andrew McClain Church!

Born Wednesday, July 27th at 2:38pm.
7 pounds, 12 ounces
21 2/3 inches long

He is doing great and is the perfect addition to our family.

Andrew means "warrior" and that is exactly what he was the day of his birth!

Thank you Lord for this precious gift! May he come to know YOU at a very early age and may you give us the grace and wisdom to raise him up to walk in Your way!

A baby story...

I wanted to write down the details of Andrew's birth while fresh in my mind. This may be too much info for some people. just skip down or wait for me next post (the announcement). So after 40+ weeks of waiting, we decided to schedule an induction for July 27th. The good news about an induction is that I was assured my doctor would be delivering and we could make plans for who would watch the other 2 boys. So at 5 am we get up and call the hospital. They tell us to be there by 6:15. On the drive there, we are still discussing names. We had talked off and on about Andrew. I went to turn on some music and it was one of my favorite Andrew Peterson CD's and I got excited to think that was a confirmation. When we got to the hospital, they sent us to a waiting room because they needed more nurses. The fun part was, our friends the Milnes were already in the waiting room. They were waiting on the arrival of their first grandson. Meg had been laboring (2 1/2 weeks early) since 11 pm or so. So our babies were born on the same day.

I got into a room around 7 and given the IV, etc. We had to wait on doctor to get pitocin, so we just hung out for a while. Finally at 9 am the Dr came in. She broke my bag of water and then at 10 am they started pitocin. It was a super busy morning on the labor/delivery floor so my nurse was going back and forth between another patient and me. I think that is why it took an hour for them to start the pitocin. Everyone kept telling me that since this was my 3rd baby and I was already 4 cms dilated that I should not wait too long for the epidural. Honestly once the pitocin started it only took a few contractions and I was ready for the epidural. By the time they gave me the epidural, my contractions were so intense I was about in tears.
I got the epidural around 11-12. It is an amazing drug. After that it all seemed to go very fast.

The nurses checked me and I was 7 cm and a few minutes later I was 9. Everything was going fast and smooth. I thought, we are having a baby before lunch! Woo-hoo! Can't wait to eat-ha! Then it was time to push. It only took a few pushes with Evan, so we all expected this little guy to just "fall out". NOT THE CASE. His heart rate was dropping with every contraction. That meant he was under some distress. It could be the cord wrapped around him, etc. Also, instead of being head down, he was facing sideways. The doctor tried to turn, tried to use the "vacuum" to help pull him and after me pushing for over an hour. This boy was not coming out!

So then the doctor said, we can keep pushing, but I am afraid he may get stuck (shoulder coming out first) or I may tear really bad. The biggest problem was his heart rate. So she gave us the option to keep trying but felt like we were going to have to resort to a c-section to get him out. So we tried and prayed and I pushed with all my might one last time and decided that we needed to get him out. Through lots of tears (from fear and exhaustion) they got me ready for the c-section.

C-section was quick and easy and in just a short time I heard the most beautiful sound. WHAA WHAA WAHH! Oh the joy of that first cry and loud, working, breathing lungs. Thank you Jesus. 2:38 pm, Andrew McClain was born! 7 lbs 12 ozs. Wow, that is a big baby for me! (My other boys we 6lbs 5 oz and 6lbs 8ozs). I only got to see him a minute or so and then he was taken away with his daddy to go get cleaned up. The next 30 minutes or so, the doctors sewed me up and without knowing it, they gave me some awesome medicine that just made me relax. So I think I slept a little while. Then I had to go to recovery for about an hour.

On a side note, these nurses, the surgery team and my doctor were all amazing. Encouraging, kind and great at doing their jobs. It made everything so peaceful and run smoothly. Finally the brought my little guy back. We still had not officially named him. So Wes and I confirmed Andrew! He nursed right away and did a great job. I was in a lot of pain recovering, but holding him made me forget all of that!

Even though this was my shortest labor, it was the hardest, most emotional day. I am so thankful God took care of me and my little man and that he got here safe no matter how it had to happen.

I have heard many friends say how great a c-section is. It really was quick and easy, but no one told me about the recovery. I mean it is a major surgery and wow, tough! I understand why they keep you an extra day in the hospital. The hardest part for me is not being about to pick up the baby as easily and get up and down out of bed.

It is now 3am and I am wide awake in bed feeling so much better. They had me shower and walk 3 times today. I can not believe I have done it. I do feel a million times better tonight than I did this morning. I also learned quickly to stay on top of my pain meds. Even if I don't think I need it, I am taking it regularly. This afternoon I let my pain catch up with me and that was rough.

Baby Andrew is doing wonderfully well! He eats often and does great eating! I think the fact he was almost 8 pounds makes him a hungry little guy. I do love him, just as much as my other boys. I will write a little more when I do the baby announcement.

Thanks to all who prayed, emailed, texted, visited and prayed some more. Your love and support was needed and appreciated!

Here are a few pics of our day:

Saturday, July 23, 2011

still baking

Yep, baby boy is STILL in the oven. I have decided that contractions and due dates are not my friend. I have never experienced going over my due date. Yesterday (due date) I found myself depressed. I slept most of the day (thank you sweet husband) and just tried not to get emotional. I know that the Lord has a perfect birthdate for this little guy and I am trying to remind myself that His timing is the best time!

The past two days have been wonderful family time with Wes and the boys. I have so many emotions (and hormones) going on. I am trying to enjoy my baby (Evan) before he is no longer my baby (sniff sniff). I am also just loving on Caleb before he grows up any more! They are sweet brothers and I know they will love this little guy so much.

I am being induced early Wednesday morning, so at least we know we get to meet him soon! Thanks for all the calls, texts, emails and prayers! I am so blessed to be surrounded by such a wonderful family in Christ!


Living LARGE at 39 weeks.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Potty training, toddler chasing, baby waiting...

That about sums up my days lately. I am way to exhausted to take the boys anywhere (poor boys) and it is way too hot for these hormones. So we spend most days in the house, watching Blues Clues or something really exciting like that. I spend most of my day taking Caleb back and forth to potty, telling Evan to get down, get off, leave your brother alone, etc and not-so-patiently waiting on this other little guy to join us.

On a more exciting note, lots of family came to help us get this house ready yesterday. THANK YOU! We have finally moved Caleb into his new room! He loves it. We are working on moving Evan and then the nursery will be vacant for it's newest occupant.

I went to the Doctor today, she thinks baby will be here soon. Since we did the same thing with Evan, I am not getting my hopes up. I am almost 3 cm dilated though, so that is good news! Either way, due date is only 3 Fridays away!

I hope this does not sound like complaining, I am just giving a little update on what life is like in our house right now. It is a sweet season. I am trying to cherish each moment with my boys before our family has a big change.