Wednesday, January 21, 2009

past due

so i have to confess that i am a blog addict and LOVE to read all of yours...i am always checking to see if there is a new update, new pictures, funny stories, etc...

so as i wait for some of you to update (Katie D, Megan S), i realize i am past due!

so what is new in the Church household?

today i was given amish friendship bread...not the warm, yummy kind you slice and eat, but the gooey yeast (starter) that you have to mix and feed and bake! for those of you who know me, i am not a cook. but it is a new year, time to try new things. the deal with this bread is, it grows and makes 4 more for me to keep and 3 to pass on (every 10 days)...i already know who my first 3 will be!

caleb is getting so big! he got a new tooth today and has 3 more ready to come in. he will have 6 teeth before he is 8 months old, crazy! he can now sit up all by himself. he says "da-da" and i have heard "ma-ma" a few rare times. when he wakes up in the morning or from naps, i walk in the room to find the top of his head and little eyes trying to peer over the crib, just looking for someone to come play with him. it melts my heart! (i will have to get a picture of this soon).

he is full of facial expressions! wonder who he gets that from??

wes is gearing up for an exciting spring with the college students...a super bowl party, a series on "love", a trip to NYC for spring break missions, small group bible studies and more. he is also busy being the best daddy ever! usually when i go to a jewelry show, it is daddy/caleb time and they just have a blast. i am so thankful for him!

so that's a little update for now-- i will try to get better at posting!