Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Favorite things...

Carrie tagged me to do this back in umm... October- ha. I really just couldn't think of anything. Today however I will share.

Currently I am lovin:

The Ham & Cheese grinder from Bellacino's. Oven baked and fabulous!

Naked juice, the Mighty Mango flavor. One bottle contains 1 1/4 Mango, 1 Orange, 1 3/4 Apples, 1/3 Banana and a hint of lemon. Delicious and good for me! a great way to manage your money- for free!!

My brown Kino Sandals. Yes, they are my summer shoe staple. 

The Cinnamon Crunch bagel from Panera Bread.  Cinnamon and vanilla chips flavor the dough, topped with a sweet, crunchy shell of cinnamon  and sugar! Make sure you ask to have it "bread sliced". YUMMY!!

I love all these things but none of these can top the sweet smell of Caleb after a bath and watching him sleep so peacefully after a hard day of play!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Many of you already know this, the Church family is growing! Caleb will be a big brother on December 20th and we are just thrilled.

I had my first doctor's appointment last week and everything looks great!

We got to see the picture of our litte peanut and are once again amazed by this miracle of life!

So to answer some of the questions I get most often...

We were not "trying" but we were not "preventing". I have always wanted to have a big family and for my children to be close in age. And yes-- these two will be very close! 18 months apart- eek!

I guess I am in the whole "just get through diapers, sleepless nights, etc and be done with it" mindset.

Utlimately though, we want our family to be whatever the Lord wants, so we will just take it one day at a time...

Question for you all, "Do you think it will be a girl or a boy?"

I am planning for another boy because that is all that the Church family seems to make- ha! I guess we will find out sometime in August!

Well that's my big news for the week. So if you see me and think-- she has a little "pooch" you know it wasn't just the chick-fil-a!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

sick baby= no fun

Well, it has been an interesting week...let me take you back to April 25. We had just returned home from our trip to DC. Caleb stayed with Mimi & Pop (Wes's parents). On our way home they told us he had a fever. So when we got home, we gave him some motrin and his fever seemed normal.

Monday morning he wakes up and is burning up! Take his temp...104!! The highest it has ever been. Off to the doctor we go. Find out he has his very first ear infection. Poor baby. I felt like a bad mom b/c he was not showing ANY signs. He ate well, played well, never pulled on his ears...
So we get an antibiotic and take 2 doses a day for 10 days. Wednesday, May 6 we are done with the antibiotic, all seems well. Thursday our babysitter calls and says he feels warm. I'm thinking maybe he is teething. Give him motrin and he seems fine. Saturday he wakes up and once again has a 104 fever! So we take him to the weekend doctor's office and find out he now has a double ear infection!!! Poor baby!! Doctor puts him on another stronger antibiotic.
Sunday he wakes up and happy mother's day, your baby still has a 104 fever. Assuming the antibitiocs have not completely kicked in, he gets motrin around the clock and seems to be in a good mood.
Monday, May 11 he wakes up BURNING UP!! Take his temp, this time 105...AHHHHHH!!!! Call the nurse, says bring him in. Still has the double ear infection AND puss on the back of his throat indicating a virus. So he is already feeling bad and has to have someone dig in his ears, swab his throat AND prick his toe to draw blood. Step test comes back negative-- thank you Lord-- blood work looks normal-- thank you Lord...But he has some sort of virus so we are going to give him a shot of an antibiotic. GREAT. I don't do well with the shot thing. Usually Wes is with me and he helps hold him. It is only me however and the fun part is, it is past nap time and Caleb is also hungry so we are waiting for the shot in a bad mood. Gets the shot (never fun) and then we have to wait in the waiting room for 15 minutes to make sure that it has no side affects.

I get the baby boy a bottle, we wait. Nurse gives us the ok. Into the car we go and he is out, zzzzzz...

The shot helped a ton. He has had a low to no fever since. Today we went back for a follow up. I took Wes this time for moral support. Good thing I did b/c they decided he needed another round of the antibiotic via shot. And guess what? We get to go back on Friday and do it all again. I am a little worn out. Plus throw in a little morning sickness and tiredness on the side.

Prayer request: Please pray the medicine knocks out the ear infection and virus. If it does not, we may have to discuss getting tubes put in Caleb's ears. And that does not sound fun one bit!

All in all, Caleb has still been in a great mood. He is a trooper. Playing, laughing and getting into everything. I am just thinking pretty soon he is going to recognize that doctor's office and not be real excited about being there- ha!

Friday, May 8, 2009

THE dress!

Well I finally made it to LaRoque to pick out my dress (Valentine's gift from Wes).

There were so many beautiful fabrics, colors and was a little overwhelming, so I just decided to stick with classic black and red!

I do love it! Thank you for the gift babe and thank you for making it Annabelle (she is so talented)!

Here is a picture of it when I went for my fitting. Please do not pay attention to my awful hair, lack of make up and pasty whiteness! Ha!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

11 months!

My baby boy is becoming a little man! Everyday he looks more grown up! He talks all the time (not sure what he is saying), but he does say "bye-bye", "ba-ba (bottle)" and "ball"! His favorite thing to do is open and close things...doors, cabinets, cell phones, soap dispenser on the dishwasher, box of wipes, mailbox, etc...

This weekend we went to the beach and he got in the pool for the first time. He LOVED it! He loves the bath, so I figured he would like the pool. I am thinking a baby pool for the backyard is on our list for fun summer activities!

He is standing by himself a lot lately, so maybe he will start walking by the time he hits ONE!
Which, by the way, is in less than 4 weeks! Where did the time go?

He is happer then he looks- ha!