Monday, March 30, 2009

A day in the life...

Today we did not go to church. Caleb had a fever, snotty nose and a little cough. We began the day with a bath (always makes me feel better). Caleb loves the bath! After playing in the tub, I got him out and wrapped him in a towel. Suddenly I felt a warm sensation in my lap...yep, pee-pee all over me and all over my clean little boy. Next is the wrestling match in the bedroom, otherwise known as diaper changing and dressing. What 9 month old little boy wants to sit still...ever? Not this one! I am getting good at putting on a diaper while he is flipping, crawling or standing. Now-- downstairs to play. He is good at playing. He loves his ball popper and pretty much anything in the house that is not a toy. So I spend most of my day "Caleb proofing". Do not pull on the drapes, do not eat that paper, what is in your mouth...a nickel? get out of the trash, be careful you are gonna fall and so on. Somewhere in the day he gets a nap, 2 if we're lucky. When it comes to meals, he always wants to eat what I am eating and is so [almost] over baby food. We watch a little Baby Einstein. Caleb LOVES it! Right now "Baby MacDonald" is in the DVD player and we are learning all about animals on the farm. Daddy gets home (YAY) mommy can have a little break. It's pretty outside, so we take a family stroll. Daddy has to go back to church. Caleb and I go visit our neighbors. We play over there and then it is time for dinner and bed! Make a bottle, wrestle to change the diaper, feed and rock my little man to sleep. Many days I do not know where my day went. Finding time to do house chores or even work my jewelry business is a daily challenge. So I won't lie, it is hard work being a mom...but then when he smiles at me and lights up when I walk into the room, it makes it all worth it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Caleb's first...

Nilla Wafer (from his GiGi)

dinosaurs (also from his GiGi)

Toy car (thanks to his uncle Tyler)
Yep- he is "All Boy"!