Monday, May 30, 2011

7 months later

Wow, no blog for 7 months?! I know you have missed hearing all about our exciting life. Well for all (2) of you who asked me for an update, here you go...

We have had a busy past 7 months, watching our little guys grow up (way too fast)!
Caleb will be 3 this Friday and Evan is 17 months old. They are just a joy! They are busy, busy boys.

Caleb currently loves puzzles and the movie "Muppets take Manhatten". He wants to do everything "by myself". He LOVES to sing and sing loud! He is so much fun and a really good helper too.

Evan is into everything. He is constantly exploring, climbing, jumping, running and never still. He is so sweet and loveable, but now has a fiesty side. I call him my wild man.

Baby boy #3 is growing bigger, as is my belly. He still does not have a name, but his due date is less than 8 weeks away! We can not wait to meet him.

We have lots to do before then. We are getting a new room ready for Caleb, which will eventually be shared with Evan. We are painting and have new matching twin beds, with cute bedspreads! We are getting a fence (very necessary with 2 wild boys) and hopefully new carpet in our living room.

We are enjoying the summer with the boys. Day time beach trips, family outings, visting with family and friends. Just soaking it all in before another big life change.

I am going to try to get better at blogging again. The reason I quit is becuase I finally joined facebook and do most pictures and updates there.

Love to all!