Monday, October 19, 2009

State Fair Fun

Yesterday we went to that State Fair! It was beautiful outside, but very chilly!

We checked out the livestock. Pigs and rabbits were a favorite. Had some corn dogs, fisk fries and my favorites, the mini-doughnuts (which were also Caleb's favorite).

Caleb and Wes also rode the flying bumblebees! Fun time for all!

Monday, October 12, 2009

My Big Boy!

I think I am long overdue on posting pictures of Caleb! He is 16 months old now and just a joy!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Partner with me!

Wes and I just got back from an amazing 2 day conference in Atlanta called Catalyst.

It was refreshing and really helped me refocus on the most important thing in life: JESUS!

I get caught up in daily grind that it is easy for me to lose sight of the ONE who truly matters. When we do focus on Jesus alone, everything else pales in comparison! He is the Him first and everything else will fall into place. A simple yet life altering truth!

So my desire and prayer is to fix my eyes on Him and let go of the things that steal my heart away from Him!

One of the things they do at this conference is make us aware of the needs in the world and how we can help!

One organization, Hope International, gives us the opportunity to invest in small businesses accross the world by giving them a small loan. Read more here:

The leaders of the conference gave all of us $10 and challenged us to use it to raise $100 and then invest in one of these businesses!

This is where YOU come in, I am going to put in $10 to match their donation and only need 8 friends to do the same!

Will you partner with me?

Jesus tells the story in Luke 19 about a master giving talents to 3 servants to take care of while he is away. When he returns, he wants to know how each person responded. The first servant had a 100% return on the money, the next had a 50% return, but the last servant did nothing. There was great responsibility given to each person, and each made a decision of what to do with that responsibility. We all dream of what we would do in that situation. How would we respond?