Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Potty training, toddler chasing, baby waiting...

That about sums up my days lately. I am way to exhausted to take the boys anywhere (poor boys) and it is way too hot for these hormones. So we spend most days in the house, watching Blues Clues or something really exciting like that. I spend most of my day taking Caleb back and forth to potty, telling Evan to get down, get off, leave your brother alone, etc and not-so-patiently waiting on this other little guy to join us.

On a more exciting note, lots of family came to help us get this house ready yesterday. THANK YOU! We have finally moved Caleb into his new room! He loves it. We are working on moving Evan and then the nursery will be vacant for it's newest occupant.

I went to the Doctor today, she thinks baby will be here soon. Since we did the same thing with Evan, I am not getting my hopes up. I am almost 3 cm dilated though, so that is good news! Either way, due date is only 3 Fridays away!

I hope this does not sound like complaining, I am just giving a little update on what life is like in our house right now. It is a sweet season. I am trying to cherish each moment with my boys before our family has a big change.